NG CREW 20-year anniversary last weekend.

For the first time ever(!!!) the whole crew, 10 members, met up and did a wall together... It was a hard struggle to make it happen, but finally we manage to do it, so last saturday on a small football court in they south of Stockholm we had the best wether, nice barbecue and lots of good wibe!
Yo, NG boys, lots of respect and love!
Simple plans. NG-style. No plans.

Ps. thanx TP crew for letting us paint the wall.


"First Among Equals"

Husby Konsthall, 5th to the 26th of May, 2014 
I was in the art gallery for 21 days working.
It was a total mess. I was a total mess.
But I found something new. A new direction in what I do.
Spend around 250 hours in that room.
A lot got refused along the way. Some don´t.
This is the result of 3 weeks stuggle...
5 big collages and a wall painting.


Oh My, It's A Mirage I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage..!

Ikaros & Dekis
Ikaros, Bomb & anonymous..
Dekis & Ikaroz
"Clash of the letter Wizards.."


While you sleep I be the guard on point.

Mixed media on canvas, Canvas, 120 x156cm
"While you sleep I be the guard on point..."

Part of a piece I did with Solen and Jase back in 2011 in Koh Chang..
Got the photo from Trama some days ago. Thanx!


No more prolonging the inevitable

Top Dogs 
By: Dne, Sear & Ikaroz, 2014


One piece a day keeps the doctor away..

Small pieces. But still super fun!

 Cakess & Magia Magia

Deepo, Ikarosz & Protou


New year, new possibilities.. Lets kick 2014 in the ass!

Me and Protou went out in a ultra fresh 3 degree Swedish 1st of january sun free atmosphere and did the first piece of the year.
This year i´ll skip the Instagram bullshit and try to use the blogg like back in the old days again.. (well like 1,5 years ago)
"Too Smart to be stupid"


Spray can summer 2013

It was a looong time since I put something up this blog.
Most ´cause Im just tired of too much photo-info on the internutz..
It just makes me tired of my own stuff.. Bored of it.
Too many blogs, to much photos on instagram, to much buzz about all and nothing..
Just over killing my brain.
Making me tired of seeing stuff on screens.
Yeah I know.. Im just a old analog fart in a digitalized world.

But anyway, here´s a little something from this summer.
Keep it unreal!
Out in the woods
Ikaross, Ngli & Slim, Helsinki
Out in the woods
Dekis & Ikaroz, them woods
Deepo, Tuna & Ikaroz, Gnesta
Out in the woods
Me and Slim outside Kiasma, Helsinki