After some lazy days in Kokkola i had to see a bigger town and hang out with good friends..!
After 4 hoers with the Pendolino train I met up with Plaster & Solen from the Fame crew in city.

Helsinki is one of my new favorite town!
So friendly people and such a nice town.
Big up to Trama, Egs, 1Dal, Hero & Ngli!!!

...Eikä hyvä. windy as hell!


Fuck The Cops !

A classic by now. Meatballs in restaurant Tori!

..still working on it. Looking fresh!

The perfect combo..? A glass of whisky and a GT on top.
It´s called "Combo" (7,20€ at Magneti)
... Ei hyväääää!!!

Trama infront of one of his masterpiece in his exibition at Make your mark gallery

Egs working with a instalation... Fresh!

Finish Massage (getting back stabbed)

Bonus: intervju i did for Finish Ilmio: HERE

4 kommentarer:

K R E K © sa...

yo im in Turku this weekend, letmeknow if your still around!


Jenni sa...

You were here, and you didn't tell me...!

IKAROZ sa...

@KREK:I´m leaving today unfortunately..
back to real life after some weeks up north.

Maby see you next time.

Lufra sa...