PUBB NGTD Intercar 2011

Me and some dudes from the PUBB crew went on a car trip some weeks ago.
Wile it was cold and raining back home in Sweden we had some super nice sunny weeks on the roads of Europe!

Some sketching on the super booooring boat from Sweden to Germany..

Oh my lordy....
Trucker food on the boat after waiting 6 hoers for the restaurat to open.
But hey, it was a super deal. only 5€ for this monster portion of greezy cholesterol booomb...!

Our home in Hamburg.

Some chilling after painting & BBQ-ing...

"Relikaroz" in action. Too many details is never enough!

Thanx Montana for the cans!

After painting. Fooood-Bonanza Total!
Mama mia, best ribs ever!

IZ wall in the making. Hotter then hell! But hey, as the WIZ said:
"Hell is for children"
Pavia, Italy.
Classic interail food. Baguette, brie, tomatoes and a cold can of imperialist soda.
So fresh n´ so clean!

Nice work from Horphée!

Don´t know the artist´s name... but I like it!

Rooftop fame painting.

Thanx all for your super duper hospitality!
Especially thanx to: Golden Green, Form, Henning, Inka, Most, ZZ top, Clean, Clash, Kilos, Konrad, Imos, Pilchi, Seat, Grozny, Vamp, Horphée, Tomek, Cony...
After all this years of doing this, Im still so happy that it´s so easy to travell around the world and always meet so nice super friendly people.
Graffiti is the fuging shit, I love it!
Keep it real!

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Freaking fresh!

Anonym sa...

ser riktigt skönt ut.
om nu bara grabbarna i pubb kunde ta och uppdatera sin sida med så vore det top!

Anonym sa...

Dope shit! lirade ni me zz top? har sett sjukt feta grejjer från han i hamburg

Anonym sa...

så sjukt synd att du bara målar konstfacksgraff på lagliga väggar..

Anonym sa...

kul med mackish

Anonym sa...

Anonym: Måste alla vara hardcore? Sen skulle jag också vilja att du definierar Konstfacks graffiti närmare? Jag tycker att det som är bra med graffiti är att man målar precis hur man vill och känner fört.


Faekwon sa...

Vafan, tyler the creator längst till vänster på översta bilden?
Väldigt fett förövrigt!

#10 sa...

Hello from Brussels ! :)